Ex Amante


An adventure about letting go



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Ex Amante is a short interactive experience in which you control one side of a relationship, which judging by the messages that you can send and receive is on the verge of ending. The object of the game is to let it go.

During your adventure, you'll move slowly through a series of dreamlike scenes suspended in the middle of nowhere and plagued with ruined structures. All of it forms a sort of allegory about the thoughts and feelings of a person going through a breakup.

What you will do during the game is choose which messages to send to your counterpart. The message that you choose to send will determine the kind of response your receive. You can tell your other half that you want to see them in person, or that you're tired of them, or even that you've never been able to stand them.

Ex Amante is an interactive experience that is totally unique from the majority of first-person adventures out there. The game has several layers of gameplay, and is sure to surprise and please many players.
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